Our Story

A legacy of performance

With a clear focus on vehicle fire suppression, Carl Ward founded Envirotech Fire Systems in British Columbia, Canada. He acquired the vehicle fire suppression business from Kidde Vehicle Systems, providing the foundation for this initiative.

Carl has been a major distributor and installer of the KVS and Sentinel Vehicle Systems, leading thousands of installs on major equipment in mining, forestry, and construction vehicles in Canada.

Decades of experience servicing systems on those machines gives us unparalleled understanding of how the technology performs in real-world conditions.

Our mission is to continue to develop and expand our range of products by tapping into a legacy of technical strength and ongoing field experience.

Our Team

Laser-focused progress

Carl Ward—FOUNDER AND CEO, has three decades of experience in the design, installation, operation, service, and maintenance of vehicle fire
suppression systems.

He has made significant contributions to the design of the product systems and processes for this market, including many adopted by his supply partner, Kidde Vehicle Systems. Carl is passionate about mobile equipment and providing fire suppression systems that work flawlessly to save lives and equipment.
Guy Mersereau—PRESIDENT, has 35 years of senior management experience in industrial manufacturing and distribution. He has worked with major international companies that own and operate the vehicles these systems protect.
John Fitzpatrick—GENERAL MANAGER, John brings to the team over 30 years of operations, sales and senior management experience with heavy equipment in mining forestry and construction segments.
Rakesh Patel—TECHNICAL SUPPORT LEAD, brings more than 20 years with Kidde Vehicle Systems as a Design and Applications Engineer.
Christophe Durieu—TECHNOLOGY DIRECTOR, offers more than 30 years of international experience with system design, operations, and maintenance.
Paul Taylor —DIRECTOR, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, has over 20 years of industry leadership experience having worked for large equipment manufacturers and dealers. He boasts a Master of Business Administration from the Edinburgh Business School and currently serves as a Director at the Alberta Chamber of Resources, contributing to industry growth and sustainability.
Jayme Edwards—CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER, has over 20 years of managing customer service, marketing, and training in the Fire Protection industry.

Our Safety Promise

Life-saving solutions

At Envirotech Fire Systems, we recognize that our products and systems are safety-critical and held to the highest standard of performance. A failure to perform as intended could expose our customers to personal and environmental harm and loss of equipment and production. Our personnel are trained, our processes are honed, and our products are designed and tested with this in mind, with the understanding that such losses are unacceptable.

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We can design, supply, and install fire suppression systems while also offering turnkey solutions. Contact us to discover how we can protect your people, equipment, and business.