Mission-critical fire

Every second matters when a vehicle fire starts. Within moments, human lives, millions of dollars in equipment, and entire businesses can go up in flames.

Our military-grade fire suppression technology is designed to perform in those crucial first seconds. Infrared sensors detect flames in less than 30 milliseconds, and then actuate the suppression media.

We know vehicle fire suppression inside and out—because we have been immersed in it for nearly 30 years. Every component contains decades of practical expertise that drives our determination to constantly evolve.

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Safety in every detail

You trust us to create life-saving fire suppression products. That’s why our designs are held to the highest safety standards.

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Fire Suppression Systems

Envirotech is the exclusive supplier of Sentinel Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems, originally from Kidde Vehicle Systems.

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We’re ready to design and supply products to meet your needs. Our products are always certified for your exact piece of equipment.